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The buzzing on your bedside table startles you from your dreams. Without opening your eyes, you fumble for your phone, turning off your alarm. “How is it Monday already?” you wonder. You force yourself to get out of bed, and you shuffle from your closet to the coffee pot. You can’t remember the last time you were excited to get to work. You always thought you would end up doing something you enjoyed, but now you feel uninspired in your job, stuck in a rut, and dreaming of something more fulfilling and challenging.

If you resonate with this scenario, the good news is you are not stuck. Your dream job is accessible. Work that you enjoy, that challenges you, and allows you to use your talents is out there. Here are a few steps you can take to launch yourself toward your dream job.

1. Connect with someone in your desired role.

If you know where you’d like to be next, find someone currently in your dream job and find out how they got there. Perhaps their path into the career you’re chasing is different than you expected. By hearing how another person landed your desired role, you may feel inspired or encouraged to try another route.

2. Look for opportunities to grow.

Consider what qualities are required in your dream role. Look for opportunities in your current job that will allow you to hone your talents, develop your leadership skills. Engage in special projects that will help you grow and become the person your future employer is itching to hire.

3. Find fulfillment outside the workplace.

If you’re feeling stuck and uninspired in your job, consider adding something into your life where you can find the fulfillment you seek. Start volunteering or regularly participating in an activity that brings you joy. Carve out time to invest in your relationships or a favorite hobby. Finding meaning outside the workplace may help you bring new energy and creativity into your current job.

4. Find clarity through self-reflection.

Take time for self-reflection to help you discover what job you want to pursue next. What are your top values and what roles support those values? What roles or companies do you find meaningful? What kind of work will give you a sense of purpose? Research roles that align with your values and purpose and then begin to pursue your dream job with more clarity.

5. Remember what used to be exciting.

At one point, you were excited about your current job. What was it that drew you to your organization or your current role? Rather than focus on what hasn’t happened or where you feel stuck, focus on at least one thing that you enjoy about your job. Try to recreate the excitement you once felt, and you may discover you’re in your dream job after all.

6. Take inventory of your current job.

Take a look at your day-to-day tasks to help you establish direction for your future. Make a list of your current responsibilities and then rank them from most energizing to most draining. Research jobs that encompass many of the roles you find energizing. While every job will include tasks that you don’t naturally enjoy, you’ll find your job more fulfilling if your day is wrapped up in energizing work.

7. Make yourself unforgettable.

Look for opportunities to make yourself shine. Give valuable input to projects outside your current role. Learn as much as you can about the industry, anticipate trends, and participate in conversations with others in your dream job. By making your skills known to influencers and leaders in your dream role, you’ll be remembered—and sought after—when it’s time to hire.

8. Share your expertise as a volunteer.

Join organizations that align with your passions and beliefs. Share your experience and expertise by helping them fundraise, grow their community, or plan events. By surrounding yourself with other like-minded people, you’ll find a sense of purpose that may be lacking in your job. Plus, you’ll hone necessary skills and gain clarity about your career.

9. Build your network.

Get to know others in your desired field. Attend events or join groups that they are a part of. Building relationships with others is the number one way mid-career professionals land another job. Having a network of people who know you, trust you, and like you often have more clout than an impressive resume from a stranger.

10. Lean on others.

You are not alone in your questions and desire to move forward in your career. Feeling alone often fuels the “stuck” mentality. So, rather than shuffling through this season, trying to decipher which step to take next, lean on others. Join a mastermind, hire a coach, or meet with someone in your desired role. Let others provide support as you pursue your dream job.

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