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We want to have it all, don’t we? We see successful people everywhere we look. Men and women with lifestyles and businesses we dream about. What if that pipe dream of yours was achievable? What if it was possible to own the home, car, or wardrobe you admire? If you knew you could “have it all,” would you work for it? Because while having a healthier and wealthier life is possible, it still requires effort. Social media makes us believe in overnight success stories, but what we don’t see is the years of hustle, discipline, and dedication to the project that happened before the profit, weight loss, client base, or recognition. Whatever you are seeking success in, know that it is possible–your personal and professional goals can be achievable. To help you reach them, incorporate these five principles into your daily life. Over time, you’ll experience the success you long for.

1. Stay Committed

Whether you are aiming to reach your health goals, or increase your wealth, you must stay committed. The best way to do this is to know exactly what you’re aiming toward. Vague goals such as “lose weight” or “increase profits” are not helpful because they are not measurable. Have you reached your goal if you lose one pound or going down a pant size? What is your business aiming for? Have you succeeded if profits increase by 2% at the end of the fiscal year? Success is only achievable if you first define what success is. Then, create clear action steps to help you reach your goals. When you know what you’re aiming for and have a strategy to get there, you are less likely to get frustrated or discouraged. But even when your motivation waivers or you're tempted to throw in the towel, remain committed to the task at hand. Sometimes, sheer determination and a commitment to finish what you started are necessary to get you through the days or weeks when you feel you’ve reached a plateau in your progress.

2. Think Positively

A baby learning how to walk doesn’t get so upset with himself for falling, that he decides he’ll never be able to walk and might as well give up! He stands back up and tries again, clapping for himself when he clumsily makes it to the edge of the couch. Baby steps, however wobbly, are still celebrated and are a necessary part of the journey to running a marathon. Consider your success as a journey, one that will certainly lead you to learn new things and think differently. This takes time and patience. Positivity and helpful self-talk will keep you motivated on your journey. Remember to be kind to yourself when things aren’t going as planned. Criticizing yourself for missteps and walking under the burden of shame will quickly lead you to feel burnt out and discouraged. Instead, think positively about yourself. Every day make note of what you did well and celebrate an area of growth or a small victory.

3. Remove Distractions

As you create measurable goals and clear action steps, you’ll have to prioritize certain people, events, projects, or activities, and decide that others will only become distractions. Removing distractions early on is one of the best ways to successfully achieve your goals. If you need to limit your sugar intake in order to reach a health goal, don’t stock your pantry with cookies and heavily processed snacks. Remove the distraction so that when you’re hungry or want a sweet treat, your only option is to reach for a handful of fresh berries. Make a list of the devices or activities that steal your attention and prevent you from focusing on your goal. If your phone or streaming service takes up too much of your time and attention, set a timer and put your phone away or delete an app so that you can complete your action steps and reach your professional goals.

4. Make Adjustments

If something is not working, make an adjustment. Maybe you realize that your goals or strategies are unrealistic. That’s okay! Rather than giving up, make revisions until the goal or action step accurately reflects your aim and your current commitment level. Adjust your way of thinking so that you learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and find a way to make the hard parts fun. If work becomes too tedious and disheartening, give yourself a mental break and do something different and creative. If your motivation to go to the gym diminishes, give the treadmill a rest and (literally) take a hike or try a dance class. Keep your goal fun so that you remain inspired and be willing to pivot when needed.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Surrounding yourself with people who will support you and encourage you on your journey is crucial, however, you cannot rely on anyone else to ensure you are successful–only you can do that. Only you can lose weight or change your diet. Only you can ask for a promotion, increase your number of clients, or save more money. So, take time to regularly assess your goals and determine whether or not you’re staying on track. Hold yourself accountable for your success by writing down clear goals and action steps on your calendar. This will help you track your progress as you move forward in creating a healthier and wealthier life.

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